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About the store

Welcome to Frixbo – the best provider of boosts in League of Legends and Guild Wars!

Frixbo was founded by 4 experienced League of Legends ELO boosters. We offer League of Legends accounts, ELO boosts, Guild Wars 1 Hall of Monuments accounts ready to link or custom made, High-end Guild Wars 2 accounts, in-game currency of both and boosting Hall of Monuments on your account.

We are high ELO players on NA and EUW, highest-ranking member finished in top ~20 EUW when 2020 season ended, we can boost you up to Challenger on EUW/EUNE/NA/TR/RU/LAN/LAS and Diamond IV on all other servers



  • While boosting we use a high-speed premium VPN !
  • It’s possible to watch the booster while he’s working on your account via


  • Many orders completed.
  • 100% Positive feedback on game-related forums.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if we fail to deliver.

Quick delivery

  • Instant for accounts
  • League boosts at least 1 division a day Iron-Diamond IV
  • HoM boosts finished in 12hours to 3 days depending on the amount of points ordered


LoL boosts

Successfully finished League of Legends ELO boosts


Hall of Monumets

Sold HoM accounts and boosts finished

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